Caara offers custom, original finishes for interiors and exteriors that are uniquely tailored to your design aesthetics. Do you have a genre of art that appeals to you? Caara can create custom, original finishes—interior or exterior—to fit your specific taste.  Authentic marble finishes, handmade stencils, etched concrete, wall and floor mosaics, billboard panels and floor cloths are but some of the options.
For large projects, Caara is available to travel.  Her work appears across the U.S.  One unique example of the demand for her talent concerns an estate turned condominiums in Ireland where the ancient walls had accidentally been sandblasted, removing much of the charm and character.  Caara painstakingly added faux lichen to the walls in order to return them to their original splendor.

Motivated By Creative Imagery

  • artafixTexture5
    Texture Finishes

    If simple, painted walls don't fit into your sense of style and your vision for your indoor space, there are a number of ways to add texture and nuance to enliven your rooms. Whether it's faux marbling, murals, venetian plasters, textures, or custom finishes, the end result of textured walls is well worth the effort.

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  • Painted Concrete Tile Floor
    Painted Concrete Tile Floor for exterior deck
    Etchings & Painted Concrete

    Painting and staining concrete is an art form unto itself. Amateurs who have tried it soon learn it is anything but easy. It has become an art with some masterful strokes and an eye for how the project will meld with the entirety of the work space of meticulous disguise.

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  • IMG_7673

    Caravaggio's Bacchus, the Mona Lisa and the Leonardo billboards were custom-sized for two restaurant spaces. Layers of of paper were applied to the panels to give them texture and make each image appear real, alive!

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